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Estate Planning

▸    Wills and Trusts (Including Living Trusts)
▸    Gift Trusts (Including Related IRS Gift Tax Filings)
▸    Special Needs Trusts and Related Planning
▸    Life Insurance Trusts (Including Related IRS Gift Tax Filings)
▸    Life Insurance Planning
▸    Retirement Benefit Distribution Planning
▸    Tax-Planned Charitable Giving
▸    Planning Relating to Disability or Incapacity
▸    Tax Planning and Advice
▸    Business Succession Planning
▸    Asset Preservation Planning

▸    Premarital/Marital Property Agreements
▸    Family Limited Partnerships

Estate Administration

▸    Probate Administration
▸    Estate Tax Compliance (Returns and Audits)
▸    Inheritance Tax Compliance (Returns and Audits)
▸    Post-Mortem Estate Tax Planning
▸    Post-Mortem Estate and Personal Income Tax Planning

Business Organizations

▸    Business Tax Planning and Advice
▸    Entity Selection and Design
▸    Formation of Corporations and Partnerships
▸    Formation of Limited Liability Companies/Partnerships
▸    Buy-Sell Agreements
▸    Business Entity Sales
▸    Deferred Compensation Arrangements

Tax-Exempt Organizations

▸    Nonprofit Corporations
▸    Public Charities
▸    Private Foundations
▸    Charitable Trusts

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